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Please read and understand this Personal Data & Information Statement and by signing this, USER AGREES to use their's Personal Information in accordance with the terms of this Data & Information Statement and Privacy Policy




  1. Collection of Personal Data
    This Personal Data & Information Notice issued to all PAM Members valued customers /prospective customers, pursuant to the requirements of Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

    We treat and view your personal data seriously.

    In the course of your dealings with Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia and/or our subsidiarycompany (Architect Centre Sdn Bhd (ACSB), Pusat Binaan Sdn Bhd (PBSB),Greenbuildingindex Sdn Bhd (GSB) and Pusat Teknologi Sdn Bhd (PTSB) ) as our valuedmember/ customer / prospective customer, we will request that you provide data andinformation about yourself (“Personal Data”) to enable us to enter into transaction with you or to deliver the necessary notices, services and/or products in connection with our business. These are relevant in connection with our business process, execution, including delivery of notices, services and/or products, client relationship management, planning purposes in connection with future products, new product launches and
    events including promotional events with business partners within our projects/townships.

  2. Nature of Personal Data
    Such Personal Data may be subject to applicable data protection, privacy and other similarlaws and may include information concerning name, age, identity card number, passportnumber, address, gender, date of birth, children basic details, marital status, occupation,income range, contact information, email address, employer, race, ethnic origin, nationality,type of loans applied for in relation to purchase of property, introducer’s name, address andidentity card number.

  3. Impact resulting from failure to supply Personal Data
    The failure to supply such Personal Data will:

    a. Result in us being unable to provide members / customers / prospective customers withthe notices, services and/or products requested

    b. Affect the ability of the parties to enter into the necessary Sales and Purchase Agreement in relation to the sale of property and/or product; and/or.

    Result in us being unable to update you on our latest product and/or launches.

  4. Purpose of collecting Personal Data
    Personal Data you provide will be collected, used and otherwise processed by us for,amongst others, the following purposes:

    a. the delivery of notices, services or products and the marketing of such services orproducts whether present or future, to you;

    b. in order for you to enter into the necessary agreement and/or contract to purchase theproducts and/or properties from us (for real estate customers only);

    c. user or customer relationship management procedures;

    d. those purposes specifically provided for in any particular service or product offered by us;

    e. conducting marketing and client profiling activities in connection with our services andrelated products;f. credit assessments and other background checks of users as we may determine to benecessary or appropriate;

    g. our internal record keeping;

    h. collection of outstanding payments from clients;

    i. prevention of crime (including but not limited to fraud, money-laundering, bribery);

    j. meeting any legal or regulatory requirements relating to our provision of services andproducts and to make disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law,regulation, direction, court order, by-law, guideline, circular, code applicable to us or anymember companies of our Pertubuhan;

    k. purposes relating to any of the above (including but not limited to research,benchmarking and statistical analysis);

    l. enable us to send you information by e-mail, telecommunication means (telephone calls or text massages) or social media about products and services offered by selected third-parties that we think may interest you but in doing so we maintain control over your Personal Data and we will not disclose your Personal Data such third parties withoutyour prior consent;

    m. vacant possession, keys handover, property/estate management, customer care and/ordefect rectification works; and/or

    n. post vacant possession services, such as club house services, security and customer loyalty programmes.

  5. Disclosure
    Personal Data provided to us will generally be kept confidential but you hereby consent andauthorize us to provide or disclose your Personal Data to the following categories of parties:

    a. Any person to whom we are compelled or required to do so under law or in response to acompetent or government agency;

    b. Any related companies and subsidiaries of Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia, including thoseestablished in the future;

    c. Our business partners and online affiliates that provide related services or products inconnection with our business;

    d. government agencies, statutory authorities and industry regulators;

    e. our auditors, consultants, accountants, lawyers or other financial or professionaladvisers;

    f. our sub-contactors or third party service or product providers as may determine to benecessary or appropriate;

    g. third party property management companies/entities in respect of the management of property that customers have purchased; and/or

    h. our appointed service providers in relation of our loyalty programs, for the purpose ofdelivery of gift redemption and services.

  6. Safeguards
    We shall keep and process your data in a secure manner. We endeavour, where practicable,to implement the appropriate administrative and security safeguards and procedures inaccordance with the applicable laws and regulations to prevent the unauthorized or unlawfulprocessing of your Personal Data and the accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to,your Personal Data.

  7. Data Transfer & Sharing
    Where we consider it necessary or appropriate for the purposes of data storage orprocessing or providing any service or product on our behalf to you, we may transfer yourPersonal Data to another member of our Pertubuhan or third party service or productproviders within or outside the country in which we are established, under conditions ofconfidentiality and similar levels of security safeguards.

  8. Your Rights of Access and Correction
    8.1 You have the right to request access to and correction of information about you heldby us and in this respect, you may:

    a. check whether we hold or use your Personal Data and request access tosuch data;

    b. request that we correct any of your Personal Data that is inaccurate,incomplete or out-of-date;

    c. request that your Personal Data is retained by us only as long as necessaryfor the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected;

    d. request that we specify or explain its policies and procedures in relation todata and types of Personal Data handled by us;

    e. communicate to us your objection to the use of your Personal Data formarketing purposes whereupon we will not use your Personal Data for thesepurposes; and

    f. withdraw, in full or in part, your consent given previously, in each casesubject to any applicable legal restrictions, contractual conditions and areasonable time period.

    8.2 The department to whom written requests for access to Personal Data or correctionand/or deletion of Personal Data or for information regarding policies and proceduresand types of Personal Data handled by us is:

Department Name: PAM Resource Centre
Contact No.: +603-2693 4182
Fax No.: +603-2692 8782
Email Address: resourcecentre@pam.org.my


Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia99L, Jalan Tandok, Bangsar,59100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

9. Other information available about the Privacy Policy
To learn more about our Privacy Policy, please read our Privacy Policy at http://www.pam.org.my/


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